Thursday, January 21, 2010

Zinology At Pourtal

Zinology at PourtalFans of Zinfandel - and similar grapes Primitivo and Plavac Mali - will want to get to Pourtal in Santa Monica for their Tasting Tour of some favorites from California, Italy and Croatia.  Eight of the taps in Pourtal's Enomatic system have been converted over to these big, flavorful wines and will be ready for tasting through the middle of February.  You can swing by anytime it's convenient for you.  Pourtal has the Tasting Tour itinerary in PDF form.

Pourtal's Sommelier Rachel Bryan put together an interesting mix.  It's heavy on the Zinfandel with five California Zins included.  Dashe, Ridge, Quivira, Four Vines and Turley are the representatives from the Golden State.  Two Italian Primitivos - from Guttarolo and Vigneti Reale - and a Croation Plavac Mali from Dingac Peljesac round out the world tour.  Bryan explains why Zin's roots are mysterious: "Some say California Zinfandel came from the Croatian grape, Plavac Mali, stopping by Italy, where they call it Primitivo. All wine grapes have roots from Western Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, however their exact origins are sometimes unknown, disputed, or have been genetically proven. Zinfandel's origins have been the subject of dispute since the 1800’s."

All three grapes in this Tasting Tour are said to be related.  Whether or not they are, the similarities are undeniable and worth experiencing.

Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar
104 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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