Tuesday, December 18, 2012

V. Sattui Prestige Cuvée 2009

Sometimes people who know I write about wine will engage me in a wine conversation.  This usually involves either asking for a recommendation or asking if I have ever had their favorite wine.  Either way, I'm more than willing to engage.  If you know anyone who writes about wine - and there are plenty of us - you may have ended up sorry you broached the subject.  "I wouldn't have rubbed the lamp if I had known the genie would rattle on all night."

One friend made a recommendation to me.  He told me to try Napa Valley producer V. Sattui, that I would love their wines as much as he did.  As luck has it, I have the opportunity, and I'm impressed.  This space contained a bit about the V. Sattui '08 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon a while back.  Today we'll examine the winery's sparkling Cuvée, also kindly provided by the winery.

The 2009 V. Sattui Prestige Cuvée is 80% Chardonnay from their Carsi Vineyard in Yountville and 20% Pinot Noir from Henry Ranching Los Carneros.  At just under 1% residual sugar, the winery says the '09 is a little drier than their three previous releases.  The sparkler is produced in methode champenoise and is disgorged after 18 months on the yeast. It goes for $29 retail.

The wine is a beautiful golden color, particularly effective when served in a glass larger than a flute.  I dislike flutes for sparkling wine, because it is so much harder to appreciate the bouquet of the wine in a narrow little glass.  It's O.K. to drink sparkling wine from a larger wine glass.

The nose displays lovely notes of toast and honey under an apricot fruit layer.  Frothy bubbles dissipate quickly and a sweet edge sets off lovely green apples and brilliant acidity.

It's a festive wine, as sparklers are generally perceived to be, and dry enough to pair well with whatever finger food is served with it.  It's a great match with my iced shortbread Christmas cookies.  Some shrimp or caviar would be nice with it, too.

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