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Friday, June 18, 2010


Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier

Unusual grapes are wine geek's great joys.  Unusual blends of rather common grapes finish a close second in my book.  Pine Ridge Winery claims they are the first California winery to produce this unusual blend.  The mix is 81% Chenin Blanc and 19% Viognier.  The Chenin Blanc fruit was taken from five different vineyards in the Clarksburg area, while the Viognier came from Bear Creek Winery in Lodi.

The nose shows a grassy characteristic with plenty of floral notes surrounding it.  White grapefruit and melon, with a slightly nutty sort of edge, come through strongly on the palate.  There is a level of tropical activity in there, too.  The acidity seems a little lacking in the mouth at first, but by the finish I realize I've been had.  The acidity sneaks up and quietly introduces itself almost as I swallow.  Although it pairs well with the talapia ceviche, I feel it may be even better with a more traditional ceviche or a seafood salad.  Even if you have it with nothing at all, this wine will make friends easily.  It is so clean and refreshing, it's a perfect choice for a summer day

I had this treat at Piero's Acqua Pazza at The River in Rancho Mirage.  It cost $6.95 by the glass and was exactly what I wanted on a day when the temperature was barely into triple digits.