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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Talus Collection Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is from Lodi.  I'm a big fan of Lodi wines, so I get the feeling I'm going to like this one before it's even open.  The label shows 13.5% abv, but the notes from the winemaker say it's more like 13.7%.  It's a blend, by the way - 91% Chardonnay and 9% Sauvignon Blanc.
It's got a nice, pale golden color in the glass.  The nose makes me think of apples and oak.  My wife thought, "chalk and flowers."  I get the floral aspect, too.  And the chalkiness comes to me on the palate, but not the nose.
The flavor of apples is there, along with some kind of tropical note - possibly pineapple.  There's a bit of oak, too, but not as much as I had feared, nor as much flintiness as I had hoped for.  A hint of vanilla creaminess is present, but it's subdued.  This may be due to the blend, as the Sauvignon Blanc probably keeps it from being a full-blown California Chardonnay.  It has more of a French feel, to my taste.  The mouthfeel is quite full, and finish is fairly long and luscious.  It doesn't have me jumping up and down, but it's not a bad little white at all.  The cost, if I remember correctly, was quite low - about $5 on sale at the grocery store.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talus Collection Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

I will nearly always part with a few dollars for the opportunity to try a Lodi wine.  I found the Talus Collection Lodi Cab at BevMo's five cent sale.  Two bottles of this nice juice for less than $10 is a pretty good deal, since I like the wine.

The nose consists of dark fruit - blackberries and plums - with licorice and some pencil shavings meeting a trace of barnyard notes.

Very soft tannins are a surprise at the price point. It's really smooth, even just after opening and pouring. A little more grip might be nice for heavy beef, but I think Talus would do nicely paired with pasta or pork.  The mild approach certainly served well for sipping.  Graphite rides herd over the juicy fruit.  Blackberrries and plums are the palate, too, with herbal notes throughout the four-day span of the bottle.

Appellation:  California > San Joaquin Valley > Lodi
Vintage:  2008
Alcohol Level:  13% abv
Price:  $9
Acquisition disclaimer:   Purchased by the author at a store sale