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Friday, January 15, 2010

"They Got This Recession On" Wines, Part 7

I'm a relative novice in the area of wines from South Africa.  But I like Chenin Blanc, and I've heard a lot of good things about South African Chenin Blanc, so I had my eyes open for a good opportunity.  Along comes a South African Chenin Blanc that costs under ten dollars.  How could I say no?  Let's bust this recession South Africa style.

Man Vintners Chenin Blanc 2009

Man Vintners is located in Paarl, in coastal South Africa northwest of Cape Town.  This is traditionally a white wine area, although reds are gaining in popularity there.  This steen - South African for "Chenin Blanc" - is produced in stainless steel, and it has crisp and clean flavors to show for it.  The wine is 13.5% abv and cost only $7 where I bought it, probably at a bit of a discount.  The nose shows a tropical and canteloupe profile that is quite pleasant, while on the palate are lime and orange peel.  It's a crisp, rather full mouthfeel.  The acidity seems a little lacking, making me think of it as a summertime porch wine.  It probably goes nicely with salads and light seafood, but I would like it on that warm afternoon out on the deck.

Varietal:  100% Chenin Blanc 
Appelation:  South Africa > Paarl
Vintage:  2009
Alcohol Level:  13.5% abv
Price:  $7
Acquisition disclaimer:  Purchased by the author