Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paraduxx 2006

The Bottle:
A beautiful rendering of two cinnamon teal ducks graces the label, a work of South Dakota artist Mark Anderson. The picture is made to look like a postage stamp, or a duck stamp as it were. It is the thirteenth in this series. The blend is 64% Zinfandel, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Merlot and 2% Cabernet Franc. Paraduxx aims to make a "bold and expressive Napa Valley red wine." The abv is 14.5%. This has a price tag of $47 on it, although I do believe I got it on sale.

The Nose:
There is a good deal of heat on the nose of this wine, along with some very concentrated blackberry, tobacco and tar. The aromas really come through in a big way. It's very bold, and colored quite darkly, too. The very deep purple hardly allows any light through at all.

The Taste:
As with the nose, the wine carries quite an alcohol statement. It settles down nicely, but you really need to let this sit for an hour or so before enjoying. And enjoy I did. The blackberries are lush and there is a trace of leather in it, but not as strong a streak as I expected to find. Fairly strong tannins give this wine a very sturdy backbone. You could pair this with just about any kind of red meat without worrying that it will stand up. It will.

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