Friday, February 5, 2010

Loosen Brothers Dr L Riesling 2008

I can still see the shadow of Groundhog Day, which means in six more weeks, spring will come and bring with it porch-fests full of wonderfully crisp white wines and lip-smacking roses.  That's the plan, anyway.  In Los Angeles, it seldom works out that way.  The real hot weather doesn't arrive until July, maybe August, and  if the morning fog gets on a roll it may be too cool for short sleeves until then.

At some point the weather will warm up enough to make the allure of a refrigerated wine out on the porch too hard to resist.  I don't prefer wine that's refrigerated.  If the wine is too cold, its aromas and flavors are bound up in that icy liquid.  But if it's hot enough outside, cold wine seems just fine.

I like Sauvignon Blanc, a nice rose, a white Rhone blend on the porch, but as long as I'm daydreaming about spring's arrival, I'll daydream that I'm out there in my favorite Adirondack chair with Denise and a cold glass of Dr. L.

Dr. Ernst Loosen's Mosel Valley Riesling is a prime candidate for the porch.  After pouring up a pale golden color, it shows an ever-so-slight effervescence.  Those tiny, tiny bubbles may not be enough to get Don Ho going, but they look mighty refreshing to me. 

There's not as much mineral on the nose as I like in a white wine, but there is a trace of that slate soil in there.  A whiff of pears also shows itself.  On the palate, it's fruity but dry.  There's a very refreshing sense to Dr. L, and nice, full feel in the mouth.  You don't have to wait until warm weather to enjoy this Riesling, by the way.  I drank it unchilled with a cold rain falling outside.  Delightful.

Variety:  Riesling
Appellation:  Germany > Mosel-Saar-Ruser
Vintage:  2008
Alcohol Level:  8.5% abv
Price:  $10
Acquisition disclaimer: Purchased by the author

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