Sunday, August 14, 2011


Half Glass of Moscato

Wine bars sometimes offer options to the by-the-glass purchase of wine for those who don't want a full glass - say, at lunch - or those who would like to try two or three wines without having to down several glasses at one sitting.  I don't see tasting options very often in chain restaurants, but I came across one the other day.

California Pizza Kitchen offers half-glasses on their wine list, at half the price of a full glass.  I tried this option at lunch, witha half-glass of Jacob's Creek Moscato. The three-ounce pour cost $3.50.

Jacob's Creek has been making wine in Australia's Barossa Valley for over 160 years.  This Moscato is produced using two grapes, Moscato of Alexandria and Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains.

It's very pale in color, and a slight effervescence is visible.  Minerals make a big play on the nose and I pick up an almost-petrol type of aroma.  The taste is sweet and fruity, with pears and peaches coming forward, but the minerality is pronounced as well.

I like the half-glass option at CPK.  It's a trend I hope to see develop at more restaurants.

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