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Blood Of The Vines

Wine Goes To The Movies
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Even some hardcore Elvis Presley fans find his movies a bit tedious to watch.  He's singing, he's fighting, he's singing, he's kissing, he's singing while fighting... that's pretty much the script rundown for a lot of his films.

I hear that "Clambake" was E's personal favorite of all his movies, but he liked the character of Danny Fisher in "King Creole" the best.  The critics also seem to favor the two-fisted, hard-headed, dropout, nightclub singer of the 1958 classic.

While trying to choose a wine for "King Creole," my mind immediately played the WWED card - What Would Elvis Drink?

The King may be more closely associated with stuff a little harder than alcohol.  He didn't seem to be much of a social drinker, but he didn't really seem very social anyway.  I understand he could throw back a screwdriver or 20 while bingeing behind the blacked-out windows at Graceland, but it's said he really favored beverages like cherry cola, Pepsi and Gatorade.

If Elvis were drinking today, it's quite possible his "people" would convince him it would be good business to be seen enjoying a cool, refreshing wine from Elvis Presley Wine Cellars.

Let's pair the "Blue Hawaii" Riesling with King Creole.  It probably pairs well with Creole food.  In fact, there's a recipe on their website for jambalaya, the perfect dish for a movie set in New Orleans.  Even a rich guy like Elvis would have appreciated the low, low price of $13, thankyewvurrymuch.

Aromas of tropical fruit, flowers and honey would have wowed The Big E, and the apples and pears on the palate may have even paired nicely with bacon.  I can't vouch for the fried peanut butter and banana sammiches he was so fond of, but a guy who was washing down his food with screwdrivers and Gatorade probably wouldn't have been very picky.

And, after that meal, Elvis has left the building.

You may also want to rock with these:

Vieux Carré Absinthe Supérieure, $66 - A great New Orleans name. Probably a pretty good painkiller, too.

King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris, $15 - Pairs well with spicy 'Nawlins food.

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