Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Italian At Whole Foods - What Did You Tweet?

During March and April, Whole Foods Market has celebrated wines from Italy.  Eight lovely wines from some of Italy’s notable winemakers are offered at great prices - all under $16.  From light, crisp Pinot Grigio from Veneto to earthy, fruit forward Sangiovese from Tuscany, you can taste your way through Italy with recipes and cheese pairings from Whole Foods Market.  You can also see my articles on these wines here.

Along the way, two virtual tasting events on Twitter have brought the wines forth in 140 characters or less.  Below is the list of Whole Foods Market’s featured Italian wines discussed on the most recent Twitter Tasting, along with some choice comments from those who took part.  You can access the stream at the hashtag #WFMWine and see how much fun we had.

Presto Prosecco

Describing the aroma of this wine, @dbrogues commented that it was "like the center of a green apple."

Price was a big attraction on all these wines, but particularly the Prosecco.  From @WineFoodTravel, "Loving the Presto Prosecco. It's a slice of heaven! Crisp apple. What's the price on this?"  Just $11, by the way.

@DeborahGrossman tweeted, "for my upcoming birthday, I'll stock up on Presto Prosecco to kick off the festivities, yes?! #WFMWine Virtual party now!"

Caposaldo Pinot Grigio

@winefashionista chimed in with favorable notes on this one.  "I love the Pinot Grigio - and so does my husband! Nice balance of acid and fruit you could sip this wine all summer!"

Another fan of the P.G., @JamesTheWineGuy, is always good for some tasting notes.  "Capolsado Veneto Pinot Grigio - crisp, nicely acidic; notes of yellow citrus zest and peel, sunflower seeds, mineral & sweet fennel."

Monrosso Chianti

@MarinelliSauce tweeted, "Chianti is so versatile. the favorite red wine of Germany FYI. their buying habits drive the bulk Chianti market," to which @WineHarlots replied, "I agree. Chianti, to me, is a 'no-brainer wine.' Easy to drink and goes well with summer cuisine."

@WholeFoods offered a recipe for pairing purposes, "Looking for a nice meal to have with this Chianti? Try PUTTANESCA PASTA:"  Many agreed by retweeting the comment.  Speaking of sharing, @dbrogues was in a generous mood.  "My roommates are trying the wines with me, we're all loving this!"

Verrazzano Rosso

Some tweeters liked the lighter body on this wine.  @Liz4Aker wrote, "This is a really mellow chianti, was expecting a fuller red. Not disappointed."

@RickGriffin liked the price.  "The Verrazzano Rosso is a great value. Surprised it’s only $16."

Getting a nation full of wine lovers together on Twitter gets a bit noisy.  @takeabiteblog noted, "Awesome! #wfmwine is number 2 on the trending list :)"

In a virtual tasting event, there are likely to be as many comedians as wine lovers.  From @WineFoodTravel: "spillage?! Lick it off the table or suck it out of the carpet. Don’t let good wine go to waste:)"

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