Monday, October 5, 2015

Surfing, Film And Wine

ZIOBAFFA is an Italian wine, the creators of which - Jason Baffa and Chris Del Moro - have brought their passion for filmmaking and surfing to wine.

Baffa is an award-winning filmmaker who chronicled his love of surfing in the film, "Bella Vita," developed with his friend Del Moro. The pair shared plenty of good food and beverage while getting those gnarly waves on celluloid. It was a natural - organic, in fact - transition to ZIOBAFFA (in Italian, Uncle Baffa.)

The press info states that "ZIOBAFFA is bottled and labeled with eco-friendly material, crafted with a biodynamic focus and organically produced grapes. With a focus on sustainable, zero waste production and environmentally friendly bottling, including the innovative Helix re-useable cork closure, these wines are a modern take on an old world tradition."

The unusual cork, which looks like a cross between a sparkling wine cork and a liqueur stopper, requires no mechanical assistance for opening. You can access the wine barehanded, even though it is worth some trouble.

This is Pinot Grigio the way I wish Pinot Grigio always tasted. A smoky nose sports citrus and almonds in addition to the small campfire. It has quite a bit of character for a Pinot Grigio. The palate is earthy and lemony, with kiwi on the backside. The finish is not terribly long, but the tropical notes stay with it to the end, along with a honey component. The acidity is not thrilling - the only negative I found - but the mouthfeel is quite round and full. 12% abv means you won't lose focus from a large pour.

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