Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inkblot Crazy About Beef

Inkblot wines come from Lodi’s Michael David Winery, headed up by fifth-generation growers M. and D. Phillips. As a rule, the Inkblots are defined by darkness. Dark in color and dark in aroma and taste. The Petit Verdot offering started out as a wine club special, now available to the public at around $30. I failed to note the wine's alcohol content before disposing of the bottle, but I am going to guess somewhere north of 14.5% abv.

The nose is rich and luxurious. Cassis and sweet, ripe blueberries stride abreast with sweet oak spice. Vanilla, cedar, and a little bit of mocha come through robustly, but they keep their place alongside the fruit and don’t try to steal the show.  On the palate, this wine means business. It’s a luscious drink, but it's too powerful to be relegated to an easy chair. It wants to work, and what it wants to work on is beef fat. You can enjoy this wine all by itself - if tannins are your thing - but you need to pair it with a thick, marbled piece of steak to really set it free.The dark fruit flavors really do play a secondary role to the tannic structure.

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