Monday, April 29, 2024

A Light And Breezy Rose From Portugal

Espiral Vinho Verde Rosé Blend is a non-vintage pink wine, about which I know little more. I'm sure there are Portuguese grapes in this wine, but nowhere could I find a tech sheet on it. The alcohol is nice and light, just 10% abv, and the price is right, too, $5 at Trader Joe's.

This wine has a rich and beautiful cherry red color. Its nose is playful enough, all watermelon candy and apples and strawberries, but with an herbal tilt that seems very elusive. I think the aroma reminds me of some wines made from North American grapes, but that is not the case here. This wine comes from Portugal's production area known as Vinho Verde. Yes, that translates to "green wine" but it actually means "young wine," meant to be enjoyed soon after bottling. The palate brings a strong showing of cherry, strawberry and a sort of Jolly Rancher note. The acidity is wonderful, delightfully tingly and quite refreshing. An earthy tone of red fruit persists after the sip. 

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