Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wine For Rockers

Woodstock ChardonnayDark Side of the Moon CabernetWine-drinking rock fans can now enjoy wines that come labeled with iconic rock'n'roll imagery. Wines That Rock has launched three new wines - Forty Licks Merlot, Woodstock Chardonnay and The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine comes decked out in a label taken from the album covers by the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and the soundtrack to Woodstock.

Wines That Rock is a partnership between rock business management firm RZO and the Mendocino Wine Company. Not only do the wines appeal to classic rock fans' musical taste, they also strike a chord with their social consciousness. The wines feature what the company calls eco-friendly packaging and carbon neutrality in addition to the Menocino Wine Company's sustainable farming practices and use of green power from both solar and wind.

The wines sell for about $17 per bottle, $50 for a three-pack and discounts for six-packs and cases. Presently, the wines are available through the Wines That Rock website, but retail distribution should start in 2010. Additional classic pairings of wines and legendary rock albums and artwork will be available in the comings months.

This is not the first attempt to marry wine and rock'n'roll.

Forty Licks MerlotThe Mendocino Wine Company also features wines which echo rock imagery - Big Yellow Cab, Tusk'N Red and Zig Zag Zin. There is also a Lodi Zinfandel marketed under the name Deep Puple, with a label that evokes the psychedelic concert posters of the late 1960s.

This line of wines follows the lead of other wine producers marketing wines with labeling that features very familiar imagery which they hope consumers will recognize and be drawn to purchase.

I have not tasted the wines yet, nor have I read any critical reviews of them.  It would seem a sure bet, though, that - whether they are swill or swell - from the rock'n'roll connection alone Wines That Rock will find a ready-made audience.

Don't bogart that Cab, my friend.  Just pass it to me.

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