Friday, July 23, 2010


Il Fornaio Chardonnay

It’s about time for another Friday Wine Treat.  Let’s go to a restaurant you can find in a lot of places, and have a nice white wine that can probably be found at all their locations.
At Il Fornaio, the Italian chain, I went for the lowest priced glass of wine on the list - the house label Chardonnay.  At $7, it’s a steal.  It’s an especially good price considering I had it at the Beverly Hills location.  There may not be another $7 glass of wine in the 90210 zip code.
Il Fornaio Cellars is named on the back label - in Ukiah, CA - and the grapes are sourced from Mendocino.  It’s a little odd that it’s listed on the menu as a Sonoma wine, but I’ll go with the information on the bottle’s label. 
The wine is quite pale in the glass and the fruity nose carries just a bit of vanilla.  The mouthfeel is soft and full, but it’s no big, buttery California Chardonnay.  The oak is not overworked.  In fact, a crisp green apple flavor dominates the palate and the acidity is just right.
I paired it with the simple insalata al balsamico and was quite pleased.  Even with no wine and no salad, the olive bread placed on the table would have been worth my while.  I hope your Friday Wine Treat is as good, and as affordable.

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