Sunday, July 25, 2010


Drew Hendricks

If you really want a good recommendation on what kind of wine to serve with a particular cut of meat, ask a sommelier at a Texas steak house.  Wine Spectator did just that. 
That wine mag did a short interview with Drew Hendricks, left, director of beverage education and wine for Pappas Bros. in Houston.  You can read the entire article , but here is the meat of the interview:
Hendricks says the determining factor is the amount of fat in the cut of meat.  For a filet or tenderloin, he likes to pair a Chateauneuf-du-Pape or a Spanish wine for the bold flavors the lean meat needs.
For a New York strip Hendricks wants to keep the big flavor and add some tannins and acidity.  He says a Sangiovese, an old-school Zinfandel or a Washington Syrah are perfect for that.
With prime rib, his advice is Pinot Noir or Barolo.  Hendricks says those wines will offer a cleansing effect with the richness of the meat.
In the interview , he also answers some questions about wine service in restaurants, talks about how he got started and gives a bit of advice for future sommeliers.

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