Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Almaza Beer

Almaza Beer is a Lebanese brew which appears to be under the Heineken umbrella of international beers.  I tried it at Carousel Restaurant in Hollywood, an Armenian/Lebanese restaurant.  The location pictured on their website is in Glendale, and is considerably more ornate than the one in the Hollywood strip mall.

The beer has a golden color with a white head that disappears quickly.  There is a slight floral nose, not too hoppy, and rather nondescript.  The taste is decent, rather grainy with a sweet edge to it.  I enjoyed the taste more than I thought I would, but I would not have this when all I wanted was a beer.

Beers like this have trouble making it on their own, but they pair wonderfully with food.  It tasted great with the hummus, lentils, mouhamara (pomegranate/walnut dip) and a flatbread dish.

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