Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dale's Pale Ale

Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood has some of the best barbecue in Southern California.  Some of you may think that's like being the best politician in Alaska, but let me tell you, there is some seriously good barbecue in Los Angeles.  It has to be great to even be considered good.

Baby Blues describes their offerings as St. Louis-style ribs, dry-rubbed brisket, pork that is slow-roasted in Guinness draft and a sauce from the western part of North Carolina.  It's a hybrid barbecue restaurant, is what it is.

I know a lot of people like to banter about what kind of wine they pair with barbecue, but there are some foods that simply call for beer.  Mexican food, Indian food and barbecue are on the top of that list for me.

Baby Blues does have an interesting - if brief - wine list, but their beer list is what captures my attention.

I had a combo platter that featured a hot link, some brisket and some pulled pork.  That's three food groups right there.  A meat lovin' meal like that calls for a great beer, and that's what Dale's Pale Ale is.

It's labeled as a Rocky Mountain Pale Ale on the can - yes, the can - and an alcohol content of 6.5% abv is listed.

It pours up pretty in the glass, a nice golden-brown color with a fluffy white head that takes a while to dissipate.  The nose is very hoppy with some faint citrus notes.  On the palate, a slightly bitter, floral taste is predominant, and it cries out to be paired with something spicy.

That's where Dale's Pale Ale did the heavy lifting - when matched with the very spicy hot link.  A nice, nutty finish left a clean taste afterward.

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