Sunday, January 23, 2011


Wine News

There’s a new wine column which appears to be well worth seeking out. has started a new feature called Vintage America: A Brief History of Wine in America.  It’s a weekly column penned by Talia Baiocchi.  She will explore winemaking across the breadth of the nation.

In the introductory column, Baiocchi remarks on the path wine took from Bordeaux to Thunderbird, and the hard climb to respectability the American winemaking effort has endured.  She writes of how the American wine industry has grown by embracing those who were put off by wine snobbery, of how the domestic wine industry “offered a way in to those who had once felt marginalized by a culture of wine that was not their own.”

Touching on the more accessible jargon used for describing wines and the “democracy” of the 100-point scale for rating wine, Baiocchi outlines the rapid rise of the American wine culture since the 1970s and promises to reach back further into America’s winemaking history.  She also promises to delve into wine from states other than the big four producers of California, Oregon, Washington and New York.

That is of particular interest to me, since I recently began an effort to taste wine from all fifty states.  You can follow my “Wine Country” series on the Now And Zin Wine Blog, and follow Talia Baiocchi’s column on

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