Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I love to cook with wine. Sometimes I even get it in the food.

If you've ever had a wine butter compound at a restaurant - a mixture of butter and red wine - you know what a great tasting condiment this is, especially a dollop on top of a nice juicy steak.

I ran across a recipe for this concoction that you can easily make at home, from a fellow named Ben Carter, who goes by the name Benito on his Wine By Benito blog.

It sounds so easy even I could do it.  All you need is a half a cup of red wine and a stick of unsalted butter.

Boil the wine slowly until it's like a syrup.  Take care not to boil too long, or it will cake onto your pan.  Mash the wine syrup into the butter until it is mixed well.  It may take a little doing to accomplish this, and Benito advises an apron - like the one pictured - or some old clothes for this procedure.

When the butter is purple, put it on some wax paper and roll it into a log.  Put it in the fridge and let it cool for six hours before serving.

You can experiment by adding some garlic, chives or sage into the mixture.

Bon appetit!

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