Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Domaine Le Portail Cherny Blanc

This white wine comes from the Cheverny region of France's Loire Valley.  Winemaking in Cheverny dates back as far as the sixth century, but the region is one of the newest appellations in the valley, attaining that status in 1991.  French wine law states that all wines produced in Cheverny must be blends.  Domaine Le Portail Proprietor Michel Cadoux and his clay-based soil produce a very nice blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Chardonnay.  It's available by the glass at Le Clafoutis in West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza for just $8.

We had the best table in the house for lunch, right by the wide front doors.  They had been swung into the open position to let in the sunlight and the cool breeze.  Tables were available on the sidewalk just through those doors, but we were near enough to experience the outdoors with all the comfort of indoors.

That Cheverny Blanc has a nose with some light grass and herbal notes, with a strong aroma of minerals.  On the palate there is plenty of fruit, along with flavors of green olive - Denise says it's Lucques olives - and a hint of capers.  It was right on target with the chicken piccata and the chopped salad with chicken and beets.

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