Sunday, April 24, 2011


Men And Women And Wine

From Natalie MacLean's wine site, NatDecants, comes an article by Bill Ward in which he explores some of the differences between male and female behavior where wine is concerned.

Ward looks at wine through the eyes of both sexes, highlighting the often opposite attitudes on wine.

He quotes Ms. MacLean on how men and women approach wine.  "Men are far more focused on the scores," she says, "and women on the stories behind the wines."

Wine merchant Kristen Kowalski supports that claim.  She says men typically ask to purchase wines based on the scores they receive from wine critics, while women tend to ask about wines they've seen paired with a particular recipe or wines with which they have personal experience with, say, in a restaurant.

Ward also points out that women are much more likely than men to seek help when selecting a wine in a store or restaurant.  Men prefer to do it on their own, even when they don't know what they are talking about.  The article cites a British study which found that men tend to claim more knowledge about wine than they actually have.

Kowalski also offers that "Men seem to find a comfort zone and stay in it."  She says men tend to be intimidated by imported wines where they may have trouble understanding the information on the labels.

Another retailer says when men find a wine they like, they are more apt to buy a case of it, while women seem to prefer buying mixed cases that offer more variety.

Men and women may look at wine differently, but one thing stays the same between the sexes - wine is definitely a pleasure.

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