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Blood Of The Vines

Wine Goes To The Movies
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Yeah, I know - wine isn’t exactly the mood modifier that comes to mind when thinking of "Woodstock."  That's not to say it doesn’t fit, but other, stronger, more mind-liberating substances always seem to be the accompaniment of choice for this film - or so I hear.  Like those who attended the Woodstock festival, viewers often prefer to feed their heads, not their palates.

Whatever you choose to serve at your viewing party, just make sure you have lots of it.  In case you don't remember - and I hear that happens, too - the film is a smorgasbord of music that runs over three hours - longer if you opt for the additional footage in the Director's Cut.

The 1970 Academy Award winning documentary "Woodstock" creeps in on the moody intro of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Long Time Gone" and blazes out on the fade of their amped-up version of the Joni Mitchell paean to the rock festival to end all rock festivals.  I remember hearing that David Crosby said Mitchell captured the essence of Woodstock better than anyone.  That was quite a trick, since she took her manager's advice and skipped the three-day music orgy to appear on Dick Cavett instead.

In between "Fade in" and "Fade out," the movie crystallizes what was important about the decade for which it serves as the exclamation point.  Here we are now, four decades further on, wearing nicer clothes and enjoying more expensive luxuries - with "Woodstock" to remind us of a time when we went up the country and drank wine straight from the bottle, and it was just fine.

"Don't eat the brown acid, man!"  "Far out, man!"  "It's a free concert, man!"  Let's pick a wine that really rocks, man!
Malibu Estate Winery bottles a tasty blend called Purple Haze, with Syrah, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc co-starring in a juicy jam session.  At $60 a bottle for the 2009 vintage, it makes the Netflix price increase seem inconsequential.  Enjoy it with the Director’s Cut.  I just hope you remember how good it is the morning after.  I also hope you don’t wake up in the mud.

Other rockin’ wines:

Malibu Estate Winery’s Woodstock Collection offers a whole range of Woodstock wines, most priced more modestly than Purple Haze.

Wines That Rock has Woodstock Chardonnay, Forty Licks Merlot, Dark Side of the Moon Cab and Synchronicity, all with album cover labels.

Arlo’s Apple Wine - From a place called Rasta Ranch Vineyard on New York’s Seneca Lake.

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