Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Blood Of The Vines

If ever there was a movie that deserved a wine pairing, 1957's "From Hell It Came" would be the one.  In fact, something stronger might be in order to make this "walking tree" movie bearable.  Chief Trailers From Hell guru Joe Dante points out in his commentary on the trailer, it's probably one of the worst movies of the 1950s.  Dante notes, that when "a long shot of a stick falling over is considered worthy of being included in the trailer, it goes to show there's not a lot (of action) to choose from."  Maybe the stick just had a little too much wine.

Forget the plot - the monster is a tree.  What more do we need to know?  The talking trees in "The Wizard of Oz" were not only scarier, they probably had more screen time - and more action.  Dante cites one reviewer who commented that, since the tree came from Hell, it may as well go back there.   It can't be coincidence that the Trailers From Hell blog goes under the name "From Hell It Came."

The natural wine pairing for a movie featuring a walking tree monster is Twisted Oak Wineryin California's Calaveras County.  Their Rhone blend called *%#&@! (rhymes with "What the *%#&@!") is perfect, since that may well be what you're saying by fifteen minutes into this 
picture.  It's an $18 bottle, which may seem expensive considering the quality of the movie.

Branching out for some other wine choices:

d'Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz McLaren Vale 2008 - The stump jump plough was invented to clear land peppered with scrub brush stumps.  Your mileage on "walking tree" stumps may vary.  $9

Black Stump Wines - Australian for "the middle of nowhere," black stump is also a neat descriptor for the monster in "From Hell It Came.".

Hells Canyon Winery - A boutique winery in Idaho's Snake River Valley, their Seven Devils Red is actually anything but hellish.

Hell Hole Semillon - From Meerea Park Wines in Australia's Hunter Valley, this refreshing white was no doubt named by those who harvest the grapes in this warm climate region.  Be careful which tree you seek for shade.

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