Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Blood Of The Vines

Valentine's Day isn't all greeting cards, wine and candy hearts.  Despite the obvious love connection of February 14th, there is a strong anti-Valentine's Day sentiment out there, too.  Our wine choices will deal with both sides of that heart-shaped coin, while our movie choice for V-Day breaks out the tommy guns.

If you are among the anti-Valentine's Day crowd, you should find "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" right up your alley.  You'll enjoy it - all alone, we guess - with some of the nastier beverages we have selected.  If you like Valentine's Day, and are lucky enough to have a sweetheart with whom you will share your sweet hearts, you won't even bother with the television.  We have some nice, loving wine ideas for you.

"The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" was the esteemed Roger Corman's first studio picture.  It's a hard-hitting look at the fabled gangland killing of a bunch of Chicago mobsters.  

If Corman had gotten his way, Orson Welles would have starred as Al Capone.  The studio convinced Corman that Welles was undirectable and Jason Robards got the role.  After viewing outtakes from a Paul Masson "California Champagne" TV commercial in which Welles was the spokesman, maybe they were right.  But, hey, he stops when the director says "cut," doesn't he?  That seems directable to me.

If the movie doesn't fit into your Valentine's Day plans - and, by all rights, it shouldn't - maybe we can tempt you with a nice bottle of wine for your sweetheart.  A lot of wines would be appropriate for the day, but some are more appropriate than others.

Valentine Vineyard has been owned by Bob Valentine since 1987.  The Valentine wines have won so many awards, the mantle has broken off the fireplace.  The vineyard is in Mendocino County, and if you were to throw a wine bottle from there you could probably hit the Alexander Valley appellation, although we don't condone such behavior.  The "heart-in-the-V" logo makes for a nice gift, this month especially.

You'll heart these, too:

Domaine Cheveau Saint Amour En Rontey 2009 - From the Beaujolais cru named for love.  $23

Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée Brut 2007 - Tinted pink, this bubbly pairs well with wedding cake (hint, hint).  $25

Rosenblum Cellars Desirée Chocolate Dessert Wine - Zin, Syrah and Touriga Nacional infused with chocolate. $20

Terra Valentine Winery, Napa Valley - Terra means earth, and Valentine pays tribute to owner Angus Wurtele's father, Valentine Wurtele.  You can even stay at Villa Valentine, with its beautiful view at the top of the hill (hint, hint).

Valentine'n'Wine in Ventura County - Perhaps a little wine tasting getaway is just what Cupid ordered.

Temecula Wine Country events - There's plenty of activity in Temecula for lovers of all sorts, especially wine lovers.

No more candy hearts, please:

Bitch Bubbly - I haven't tasted it, but I'd guess it teases without delivering.  Should I mention, it's cheap?  $8

Stone Brewing Company "Double Bastard" Strong Ale - Give a bottle to someone you used to love.  $8

Anti-Valentine's Day card - A weak effort, but if you hate Valentine's Day this much, you probably won't buy any cards to announce that fact, anyway.

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