Thursday, March 22, 2012


Chang Beer

I'm not a big fan of lager beers, but this one actually tasted pretty good with Thai food.  It's a Thai beer called Chang.  The brand was established in the mid 1990s and became something of an overnight success in Thailand.  They now hold a 50% market share there as the leading beer in the country.

The name means "elephant" in Thai, and plenty of them adorn the label of the bottle.  Elephants are revered in Thailand, and the brewery no doubt hoped the association with them would elevate the product.  Apparently, it worked.  It's something like an American beer company branding themselves with the Bald Eagle - but who would be crass enough to do that?

Chang is a nice golden color in the glass and the aromas remind me of wine - Sauvignon Blanc, specifically.  There is not much of a head to speak of, and what's there dissipates rather quickly.  The nose shows a smoky side along with a floral aspect and some citrus zing.  On the palate it's full and refreshing, with a nutty salinity to counter the slight hoppiness.  On the finish there's a slightly bitter aftertaste.  The beer paired quite well with my garlic pork, and even the salad beforehand.  Did I mention the Chang was a $1.99 lunch special?  That's a hard price to beat for a cold beer on a warm day.

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