Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blood Of The Vines: Alien

Wine Goes To The Movies
with Now And Zin Wine and Trailers From Hell.

So you meet your friends for some wine before the movie.  You allow plenty of time, so you can relax and have several glasses before walking over to the cinema.  You settle into your comfy movie chair with some of that $20 movie food, let the promos wash over you, and then...

The movie is "Alien," and that drippy, gelatinous monster with the big teeth scares the wine right out of you.  How do you think Ripley felt when the alien got right in her face?  She probably felt relieved it wasn't right on her face.  That scenario didn't work out too well for her spacemates.

This alien scared so many people there should have been a red threat level attached to it.  Personally, I was off eggs for months after I saw the film.  The alien costume was so well done, the "guy-in-a-suit" tag really doesn't apply, even though it was a guy in a suit - a drippy, gelatinous suit.  The Creature from the Black Lagoon didn't scare me half as much as ol' drip tooth.  The Creature could have used a foot-long fang to boost his scare factor.

On a musical note, I hear that director Ridley Scott wanted the movie to be scored by Isao Tomita, which would have given the film more of a sci-fi sound, but the studio wanted Jerry Goldsmith's score, conducted by Lionel Newman.  The studio won, but not without lots of input from Scott - input it seems Goldsmith was none too thrilled to receive.  He got the job.  Why the sour grapes?  Speaking of which...

British Columbia's Monster Vineyards has Merlot and a red blend called Red Eye.  Maybe the White Knuckle would be more appropriate in case the monster has a taste for fish.

Little A'Le'Inn Wine - Directly from the heart of Area 51 - at least I presume that's where Rachel, Nevada is located.  It probably pairs well with that Alien beef jerky from Baker.

Alien Wine Festival - Pecos Flavors Winery in Roswell, New Mexico, was the host of the first ever Alien Wine Festival in 2011.  Information for the 2012 event is mysteriously missing.  Maybe we need Agents Scully and Fox to look into this.  Or, maybe they were the only ones to show up last year.

Alien Wine - An article by fantasy writer Raymond E. Feist on exploring the alien world of wine.

Alien Wine - This recipe for homemade hibiscus flower liquer is untried and untested - by me, anyway - but it sure looks easy.  Let us know how it works out for you.

Green Alien Wine Holder - Of all the goofy wine holders I've run across, this must be the most overpriced piece of bent metal with which I've had a close encounter. - $46

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