Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get Me To The Spa On Time

by Denise Fondo

The Las Vegas bachelorette party is an American institution, often involving a Tom Jones concert, tequila and morning-after self-recrimination.  Women in jeans, wearing tiaras or veils, chugging drinks as big as their heads, are a common site on the Vegas Strip.  Fun as this tradition may be, some bachelorettes have a different sort of party in mind these days.  Bachelorette parties at spas are growing in popularity and the spa industry is doing all it can to keep this trend on an upward swing.

No other city in the United States has more state-of-the-art spas, per square mile, than Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is great news for the bachelorette looking for some pampering while partying with her friends.  Cocktails, wine, Champagne, cakes, hors d'oeuvres, ice cream, and even your favorite music, can be part of a bachelorette’s spa party package.  If you choose to go the contemplative route, most spas can offer a menu of spa cuisine and healthy, non-alcoholic drinks. 

Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas

Not every spa can offer a menu that includes alcohol so keep that in mind while making your plans.  It depends on the space and spa policy.  Katie Conway from the Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas says, “Spa bachelorette parties are the hot thing in Vegas right now, and we’re seeing more women planning this type of event.”  The Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas has embraced the fad offering a full range of spa party choices, including alcohol and food.  Guests can sip wine and cocktails, while enjoying the lake view, from the spa’s spacious balcony.  You can even use the balcony telescope to stargaze, in the evening. 


Spa Bellagio offers the Pamper Party package, which you can tailor to suit the members of your party and your budget.  You can even book the spa’s Meditation Room, to give your party more privacy and order party food and Champagne. 

The WELL Spa at the Platinum Hotel and Spa

The WELL Spa at the Platinum Hotel and Spa is a relaxed and sophisticated space, which spa director Courtney McGovern says is perfect for a bachelorette soiree.  “Because the WELL spa is such an intimate space, we can rent the entire spa out for half a day to someone wanting to have a bachelorette party.  We’ll set up drinks and food, which guests can enjoy while waiting for treatments.”

The treatments are, of course, the cherry on top of the wedding cake at a spa bachelorette party.  Soothing hydrotherapy, frothy body scrubs and revitalizing massages are some of the delicious comfort services available.  Just one note of caution, spas have their own SUI, Spa-ing Under the Influence rule.  For your own safety, they can’t perform body treatments on you, if you’ve had one mimosa too many.

Bachelorettes may find spa parties the perfect way to unwind from months of stressful planning.  Imagine how cute you’ll look, padding around a spa in an oversized robe, wearing a veil or tiara?  Now, that’s a picture. 

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