Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wine Laws: Arizona and Massachusetts

Will it play in Peoria?  Apparently so, at least in Peoria, Arizona.  Safeway grocery shoppers in the Phoenix suburb will soon be able to enjoy samples while they shop.

An article in the Arizona Republic reported that the Peoria City Council has approved samples of beer, wine and spirits at two Safeway stores in a unanimous vote.

By state law, samples are limited to three ounces of beer, one ounce of wine and one ounce of distilled spirits per person, per brand, per day.

In Massachusetts, legislation has been introduced which would reinstate a sales tax on alcoholic beverages sold in retail establishments and increase the excise tax, too.  According to an article in the Wellesley Wine Press, Massachusetts residents voted not long ago that they did not want a sales tax on alcohol.

The article states that Massachusetts is still awaiting legislation which would allow the direct shipment of wine as well as a law that would allow retailers to ship wine outside of the state.

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