Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wine Myths

There are plenty of myths about wine which have been repeated so often many people take them for the truth.  Wine writer James Lawrence took a look at a few of these old wives tales and gives his verdict on them at the website Wine And Food Travel.

Lawrence says using the freezer to chill wine is considered by many to be a no-no.  He says it's perfectly alright, though - as long as you don't forget it's in there.

He says using white wine and salt to remove red wine stains just makes a bigger mess.  As for placing the narrow end of a teaspoon in a bottle of sparkling wine to keep it fizzy - it doesn't work.

Old wine is often thought to be generally better than young wine, but Lawrence says no.  In fact, most of the wine produced these days is designed to be enjoyed immediately.

The notion that France produces the best wine in the world gets Lawrence all worked up.  Clearly, there's great wine being made all over the world.  He calls the idea that France is the final word in wine "complete and utter..."  Well, he didn't print it, so neither will I.

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