Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Wine Writing

If you have yet to check out the website DrinkLocalWine.com, you really should surf by and take a look.  The site aims to shed light on the wines of regions other than California, Oregon, Washington.  Most wines produced in America come from those three states, but wine is produced in all 50 states, so why not explore the wine produced where you live?  Food lovers are doing it with the locavore movement.  Why not local wine?

Drink Local Wine is the brainchild of Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre and journalist Jeff Siegel.  Their site was featured in an article in WineBusiness.com.

The site has partnered with Texas, Virginia and Missouri on major events promoting the wines in those states and they have another regional conference planned in Colorado.

Now And Zin's Wine Country series is currently attempting to explore wines from all over America, on a somewhat smaller scale.

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