Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wine News

The face of the wine industry is changing, according to an article in Wine Enthusiast magazine.  The article features comments from Vanessa Robledo, president of Black Coyote Chateau in Napa Valley, a winery which was cofounded by an African-American, Dr. Ernest Bates.

Robledo says Mexican-Americans have always been interested in wine, and as that demographic segment matures and prospers, they are seeking out some of the finer things in life, including wine.

She talks about going to Mexico several years ago and finding that Mexicans were interested not only in wines produced in Mexico, but from all over the world.  She feels that Hispanic wine drinkers have had barriers put up for them, notably by restaurants specializing in Mexican food which served only beer and tequila.

One Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, Loteria Grill, offers Mexican wines now and in Mexico Chef Lugo is helping to put Mexican wine on the same level as beer and tequila in his Mexico City restaurant.

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