Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wine News

Numbers from the U.S. Census are cited in a Wine Enthusiast article which shows how Americans are spending their wine dollars.

The numbers say the American public spends $36.3 billion dollars a year on alcoholic beverages.

Women buy more than half of the wine for American households.  It's a trend that is gaining momentum over the past few years, particularly in the white, Asian and African-American demographics.

Wine Enthusiast notes that Baby Boomers are being squeezed by other societal segments.  Wineries appealing to a Spanish-speaking audience are advertising on Telemundo, while African-Americans are being courted on BET.  Millennials are also the target of more advertising dollars.

The magazine says childless singles and single parents are now the second largest wine-buying category, even though single parents tend to earn and spend less.  WE figures this will lead to more coverage about the health aspects of wine and more stories on how to stretch the wine dollar farther.

Restaurants are still struggling with recession woes and are looking to wines by the glass rather by the bottle, to help boost revenues, according to the article.

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