Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Wheel Of Snacks

When you’re tasting a wine at home, it’s always great to be able to pair it with food and find out what it works with, or what it doesn’t.

I often don’t have a nice meal in front of me when I’m evaluating wines, so I end up grabbing a handful of almonds, or fishing an olive out of the jar to have some edible reference point.

Apparently, the folks at Wine Spectator like a little snack food with their wine, too.  Wine Spectator School and Triscuit have released the Recipes For Wine Lovers iPhone App.  The app allows you to select one of 20 wine-friendly Triscuit recipes.  The great wheel of snacks spins around and - clink! - down drops a glass containing just the right wine.

According to the app, for Italian salami and cheese on a Triscuit, select a Cabernet.  Hot, sweet, bubbly cheddar on a Triscuit calls for Riesling.  Bubbly four-cheese tomato on a Triscuit demands nothing less than Pinot Noir.  You get the idea.

If any of the snacks strike your fancy, tap on it and a full screen recipe for that treat appears.  Of course, it’s usually not much more instruction than, “take the stuff and put it on a Triscuit, then eat it.  With wine." 

You can find the Triscuit Small Plates app in the iTunes App Store for free.  If you have no iPhone, you access the information by website at the same low price.

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