Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Fans of Monty Python's Flying Circus - whether they are wine lovers or not - no doubt recall fondly the Python bit from the early 1970s called "Australian Table Wines."  I've often wondered if any wine merchants ever had a request for one of the wines mentioned in the routine.  "Black Stump Bordeaux" - the peppermint flavored Burgundy - is one brand I'd like to see.  "Old Smokey" would seem like a natural, and what summer would be complete without a "Perth Pink?"

If you are a fan of the bit, here's a link where you can find the 
script of it.  I find it endlessly amusing to try and replicate the accent, and I often find myself running through select lines from the piece in the tasting room of my mind.  If you have never heard it, you may want to check it out as performed by "wine expert" Eric Idle.  It's available through Amazon as a 99-cent mp3 download, and it's well worth the price and more.

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