Sunday, June 6, 2010


Corinto Chardonnay

I had such a nice experience at Sublime Food Lounge for my last Friday treat, I thought I'd go for another one.  I hoped to find if it was just the vibe on that previous Friday or if the little bar was really that great a place to have a glass of wine.

This time, it was a bit windy.  That meant the doors were in the closed position, so there was no open-air experience.  But the doors are glass and there was enough light coming in to let me know it was definitely the middle of the afternoon.

I decided to stay on the white wine side of the menu and opted for a Chardonnay from Chile.  Afterward, the bartender and I had a brief conversation about how hard the wine industry was hit in Chile.  He told me Corinto Winery , in Chile's Central Valley, was among the wineries hit very hard in February's major earthquake there.  Sublime is trying to get more product from the winery, but they are having trouble getting the wine here by ship.  They've been waiting five months for more.  It made me glad I chose a Chilean wine.

This Chardonnay looks yellow-gold in the glass with a greenish tinge around the edges.  The nose is tropical.  Pineapple, for sure, but there's a faint trace of banana in there, too.  Notes of oak come through in the aromas. 

On the palate this wine is very, very soft.  The flavor of peaches are somewhat obscured by a nuttiness that just seems crazy in a Chardonnay.  It may actually be a little too soft for some, but I find the quaffability quotient to be quite high.  On the finish - as weird as it seems - I get the sense of coffee way, way in the background.

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