This week we'll hear from wine merchants on their favorite summer pairings.  The official beginning of summer is coming up quickly, but many have already started preparing their summer meals.  The grills are hot, the salads are cool and all we need now is the perfect wine to serve with our seasonal spreads.

Our first ideas come from Shawn Banayan, the proprietor of Mel and Rose Wine, Spirits and Gifts.  They are located at 8344 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CA.  You can reach Shawn and his staff at 323.655.5557.

If you are grilling some seafood or veggies, Shawn recommends Gassier Sables D'Azur 2009 Cotes de Provence Rosé at $11.99 or a bottle of Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon Rosé at  $14.99.  Both bring strawberries to the table, and the latter is 100% Cabernet Franc.

For barbecued ribs, lamb or kabobs, Shawn suggests you try Riverbench Pinot Noir 2007 at $17.99 or Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 815 2008.  It goes for $15.99.  He also saysFlower Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2008 at $39.99 is a winner by the grill.

For summer salads, Shawn's go-to wines are the Kato Sauvignon Blanc 2008 - so fresh and alive you may forget the salad - for $11.99 or the Leth Grunerveltliner Steinagrund Lagen Reserva 2007 at $11.99.

Our thanks to Shawn and the folks at Mel and Rose Wine, Spirits and Gifts for the mouth watering pairings.  We'll be featuring more all week, so come back tomorrow!