Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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If you like wine, and you like Twitter, you might like to find out about a few wine people who are very active in the social media.  The website WeFollow has listed the most followed wine industry people.

Number one on the list is @garyvee. That's the Twitter handle used by popular wine videocaster Gary Vaynerchuk.  His tweets are followed by over 850,000 people, making him the most-followed wine person in Twitterland.  Be forewarned: he's a very active Tweeter.  You'll be kept apprised of nearly every thought that pops into his head.

Next on the list is @ablegrape, at just over 295,000 followers.  Doug Cook is his real name, and he says he's a computer geek turned wine geek, and that he's building the world's most comprehensive wine information search engine.  He’s the head of Twitter’s search initiative.  

After those top two, the numbers really fall off the cliff.  The third most followed wine Tweeter is@winerecipes with just under 68,000 followers.

@crushpad, "a state-of-the-art winery where you are the winemaker," is in fourth place followed by a little over 65,000 Twiiter users.

In fifth place with about 54,000 followers is @WineTwits, promising insider information and wine for sale.

Foodie and sommelier @RickBakas is number six, with followers numbering some 46,000.  Seventh on the list is @magillamax - otherwise known as Aussie John Newell - serving up tweets about wine, food, music, travel and marketing to 43,000 or so faithful.  Esteemed wine writer@JancisRobinson has 42,000 followers, @GetYourWineNews delivers messages to 41.000 and@winedinetv - the mother-daughter team of Judit and Corina celebrate wine, food, travel and lifestyle for 39,000 fans.

WeFollow also offers a listing that ranks wine tweeters in order of their influence, which does shake things up a bit.  On that list, @WineTwits knocks @garyvee out of first place, while @JancisRobinson moves up to third.  @WineEnthusiast magazine moves from #22 to fourth place and @GetYourWineNews rounds out the top five most influential Twitter users in the wine biz.

I scanned down both lists, but didn’t see my handle anywhere.  If you’d like to follow me anyway, send me a tweet at @randyfuller1.

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