Thursday, November 11, 2010


Bruce Willis

Let's stroll down memory lane again and check out some more of those wonderful TV ads for wine - or wine coolers, as is the case today.

My memory of the 1980s is somewhat vague - and I like it that way - but I would figure these Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler commercials to be from the latter part of that glittering decade.

The ads feature a very young Bruce Willis moonlighting as a spokesman for wine coolers.  He was a very hot property as a TV star back then, and I understand he made millions of dollars doing this series of commercials.

In these spots,

Willis talks:

Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers 1

Willis sings:

Seagrams Golden Wine Coolers 2

and Willis dances:

Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers 3

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