Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sauvion Vouvray at STREET

Susan Feniger's STREET has quickly become one of our favorite Los Angeles restaurants.  Delicious small plates representing a gourmet take on worldwide street fare are nothing less than captivating.  The food at STREET excites me, which is not something I can say about very many restaurants.

Feniger is a Los Angeles institution, as are her eateries CITY, which would be much missed if it were not for Border Grill and Ciudad, where she explores the Latin flavors she loves.

On a recent visit to STREET, Denise and I enjoyed Burmese watermelon salad spiced with crushed peppers, Angry Eggs deviled with sriracha on top, New Orleans Laundry Day Fritters and a steak sandwich which is done no justice by that generic name.  All could make a case for "favorite meal" status, with the winner probably being the one I tasted last.

The wine and beer list is just as adventurous, with beers fully described and wines grouped by style - "light and bright," "more of a mouthful," "soft and supple."  As with the food, the wine choices span the globe and it's hard to find what I'd call a "typical" choice on the list.  It's a very nice spot for a wine lover - or wine geek - to land.

I had a Sauvion Vouvray this time, a Loire Valley beauty that cost $8 by the glass.  The minerals on the nose and palate meet flavors of green apple and all is delivered with a bracing acidity.  As diversified as our meal was, the wine was a great match with everything, even the steak sandwich.

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