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Wine Goes To The Movies
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The thing that always amazed me about Frankenstein is how easily he went from horror to comedy.  In the movies, the good doctor's scrapheap project was scary.  On TV, Fred Gwynne's footstomping caricature of Frankenstein's monster in "The Munsters" took only a little reworking to make Herman Munster a lovable TV dad, even if he was built in a mad scientist's workshop.

"The Ghost Of Frankenstein" continues the series of Universal sequels in the Frankenstein house of horrors with Lon Chaney as The Monster and Bela Lugosi as Ygor.  Ygor brings the big guy to Dr. Frankenstein's son and before long, the villagers are breaking out the torches again.

There’s no comedic flair here - “Lily, they want to set me on FIRE! Haw ha ha ha” - but a fair dose of horror and a wash of pathos is enough to get you through the hour or so the film runs.  Now, for some Frankenstein wine!

Not so fast, flathead.  Frankenstein wine is a term used to describe wine that has been altered from its natural state.  Rather than recommend a pairing with a wine full of oak chips, designer yeast or grapes with bolts sticking out of them, let's go with a German
wine from near the site of the Frankenstein castle, in the Franken wine region of Pfalz.

The Hans Wirsching 2010 Iphofer Kronsberg Silvaner Trocken comes in the "Mateus"-shaped bottle known as a bocksbeutel.  It's the traditional bottling of the Franken region.  This product of Silvaner grapes is dry and bold, with a crisp minerality which will pair well with seafood and cheese.  You may even want to try it - just for Frankenstein - with torch-toasted marshmallows.  It's only $16 - affordable enough for a little Dr. Frankenstein experimentation.

Other nuts and bolts:Beck-Hartweg "Frankstein" Gew├╝rztraminer Grand Cru 2004 - OK, so it's not Frankenstein, it's Frankstein.  That's pretty close, though, for a Grand Cru vineyard in the Alsace. $28

Frankenstein Wine - This could be the lead pairing, if it were available now.  They claim it's coming before year's end.  Keep the torches and pitchforks at hand.  Since it seems to be from Pennsylvania, you may want to use those implements while rioting to get shipping of wine permitted from the Keystone State.

Frankenstein Wine Bottle Stopper - This guy looks like Frankenstein by way of Fred Flintstone.  Use only for wine you're drinking while reading comic books. $9

Frankenstein Wine Glass - The price is the only thing scary about this Halloween novelty item. $18

Sinister Frankenstein Wine Tassel - It's Santa Claus! Who are you scaring with this??

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