Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blood Of The Vines: The French Connection

Wine Goes To The Movies With
Now And Zin Wine And Trailers From Hell

While casting about for a French wine and movie pairing, it occurred to me how much French stuff we find all around us.  That's no surprise if you are in France, of course.  You expect it there.  But in the United States we sure have a lot of French stuff on hand.  French wine, of course, comes high on my list, but how about:

The French Paradox - The conundrum of how a nation of people who eat the richest, fattiest food in the world have a low rate of heart disease.  Give credit to the wine, by the way.

The French Quarter - A place where you can either have a really great time, or get rolled.  See: The French Quarter Paradox.

The French Jerry Lewis - Well, there is only one Jerry Lewis.  The French claim him and have been loaning him to us on Labor Day for years.

The French Laundry - That Napa Valley restaurant where the meal is so expensive you can't afford the wine.  See: The French Restaurant Paradox.

The French Crepe - A restaurant in the Farmers Market on Fairfax.  Not to be confused with the French creep, who hangs out at that hot dog place on Fairfax.

The French Dip - A sandwich originated at Philippe’s.  At least that’s the story Philippe tells.

The French Inhaler - The act of inhaling cigarette smoke through the nostrils as it is being exhaled from the mouth.  At least that’s how dad explained it to me when mom was listening.

The French Twist - A classic hairstyle that involves reaching behind the head and twisting a ponytail until it turns in on itself, then fastening it to the remaining hair.  It’s one of those things women do all the time, but men could never figure out how to accomplish it.

The French Open - One of the biggest reasons John  McEnroe had a bad temper.

The French Connection - a drug smuggling operation in which Turkish heroin was run through Marseille, France on its way to the United States.  It began in the 1930s, but wasn’t until 1971 that they made the movie about it.

Great Gene Hackman, great car chase, great bye-bye wave.

Since the whole plan ran through Marseille, let’s not fight the urge.  Let’s go Provence.  Nearly all they make there is rosé wine. Maybe you can’t picture Popeye Doyle drinking a pinkie.  You can picture him breaking a pinkie, but for drinks, he was probably a Harvey Wallbanger kind of guy.  The weather's turning warmer, the drugs are being run through Marseille, we don't want a Harvey Wallbanger... yes.  Provence it is.

A dry rosé is thing of beauty, and with an ugly ol’ cops’n’drug lords movie dirtying up the room, why not have something beautiful around.  Domaine Tempier is probably the most respected and coveted rosé wine in the world.  Critic Robert Parker raved about it, so the price is north of $40 per bottle - pretty expensive for a rosé.  We can have great wine for less.

Other French connections:

Chateau de Peyrassol Côtes de Provence Rosé - They've been harvesting grapes in this section of Provence since 1256 - that's not the time, that's the year.

Chateau de Pampelonne Côtes de Provence Rosé - Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah.  That's how they roll on the Riviera.

Andrieux & Fils Côtes de Provence Rosé - Looks like salmon, tastes like peaches.  Much better than the other way around.

Domaine de la Fouquette Côtes de Provence Rosé - We really just want to stand behind you and listen while you ask the salesperson for this one.

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