Monday, December 13, 2010


Wine Tasting

One great way to expand your palate and your knowledge of wine is to go to a winery tasting room.  Sometimes, though, the winery can come to you.

Jerome Winery and Bitter Creek Winery in Jerome, Arizona each have a tasting room.  They also offer a home tasting event they call an Educational Wine Tasting Experience.  You buy a case of their wine, they bring it to your home, they bring glasses if you need them and stage the tasting event for you and your guests.

They can accommodate anywhere from ten to 200 people, whatever number you can accommodate in your home.  Winery representative Marge Black-Graziano says it works best for ten to 30 people, but the guest list is entirely up to you.

All the guests should bring a dish to share, then sit back and let the winery do the rest.

They introduce the wine and talk a little about what kind of grapes are used in it and what goes on in the growing and winemaking process.  They educate your party on how to taste wine, talking about the different aromas, the coloration and why we swirl the wine in the glass.  That is done, of course, to expose more of the wine's surface area to oxygen, thereby releasing the aromas and even changing some of the characteristics.

Between the two wineries, there are 52 grape varieties they can offer.  Jerome Winery handles single variety wines while Bitter Creek Winery specializes in blends.  Marge Black-Graziano is the matriarch of the winemaking family that runs both outfits and she says either winery can bring a lot to the table - and they can bring it to any table you like.

You can contact Jerome Winery at 928-639-9067 or e-mail them at

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